Essential Radiology for Junior Doctors Course

Held May and November every year.

Cost - £125


The Essential Radiology for Junior Doctors course is aimed at:



This comprehensive radiology course will cover all essential topics such as CXR (for example how to recognise lobar consolidation/collapse, heart failure, interstitial lung disease and malignancies etc.), AXR (e.g. SBO, LBO, volvulus, IBD, ascites) , and A&E radiology (e.g. all types of fractures from top to toe!).


There will be two A&E radiology lectures that will cover all x-rays topics that you need to do your A&E attachment confidently and well, without having to go on a seperate A&E course.

CXR and AXR lectures will cover more than you will need or will encounter in your clinical practice and post-graduate exams. There will be a short talk at the end of the day on how to apply for radiology ST training which should not be missed if you are contemplating Radiology ST training!

The lectures will be interspersed with imaging quizzes to test what you have learnt. Lecture notes will be provided for all presentations, so you can concentrate on the lecture and not have to scribble furiously to keep a record.

We aim to lay a solid foundation of radiology knowledge and teach you the basics as well as the pathology, taking you methodically through each modality, and make you sound like an expert! At the end of the course: 

  • You will be confident at tackling x-rays and scans presented to you in clinical practice - whether you are doing A&E, medicine or surgery - and be able to impress your consultant and colleagues when presenting patients on the phone or during ward rounds.
  • You will be more self-assured when hauled in front of a MDT to present an x-ray or a scan.
You will be fully equipped to maximize your chance at being successful in the interviews for radiology specialist training and at dealing with imaging components of postgraduate membership exams.











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Reviews and comments:

Thanks, this course achieved more than I expected.

Brilliant, you course has really opened my eyes to radiology.

Great course, will recommend it to my friends.

The A&E lectures were fab and more than I need for my A&E attachment.